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8 Bluetooth Devices for Everyday Life

Bluetooth, in the opinion of some, is not a exy technology. Nevertheless, newer phones like the iPhone 5 and 6 and the Android-powered HTC EVO 4G LTE use the newer Bluetooth 4.0 tech, also called Smart Bluetooth, which, besides being easier on your battery, connects to a litany of devices to provide a richer stream of data.

Motorola’s H19TXT Headset

This headset fits over your ear for making phone calls and listening to music. To connect the 2device to your phone, you tap it once. (Your smartphone has to support NFC, or near-field communication, for the tap-to-connect function to work.)

Motorola offers a free app called Motospeak that lets you dictate a text message, and there are two microphones in the headset to capture your voice more accurately.

8 Bluetooth Devices for Everyday Life

Ten One Design: Pogo Connect

This smart pen for your iPad 3 (or new iPad, as Apple officially calls it) communicates over Bluetooth 4.0, the latest low-power wireless protocol.

In a supported drawing app like Procreate or SketchBook Pro, the pen communicates the level of pressure you are applying to the touchscreen.

Ten One says the pen can last months on one AAA battery due to the low-power transmission, and there’s even an app you can use to find the device if you stuff it in a drawer somewhere.

If you own an iPad 1 or 2, which do not support Bluetooth 4.0, you can run a bridge app on your iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 that re-transmits the pressure sensitivity to your older tablet.

Pebble E-Paper Watch

This Bluetooth 4.0 watch communicates with your Android or iPhone 4S/5 to show incoming calls, email, calendar items, Facebook and Twitter updates, weather, and alarms.

The 144 x 168–pixel display can be customized with digital watch faces. Pebble plans to release additional apps that independent developers create. The watch also has a vibrating motor to alert you with a soft pulse. Pricing starts at $99 for an early-bird all-black model.


Wahoo Fitness KICKR

Most wireless workout machines use an older technology like ANT to transmit your speed and distance to a smartphone app. (You need an adapter on your phone to receive the signal.)

The KICKR uses Bluetooth 4.0 to send the data directly to your phone.

KICKR turns your own bike into a stationary bike by replacing the rear wheel. A flywheel that replicates the inertia you would feel on the trail; you can adjust the resistance of the device manually or by using an app.

You can also use apps like TrainerRoad and Kinomap Trainer to simulate a real workout course. The KICKR also measures wattage output, a more accurate measure of your workout than calories, and tracks your speed history.

Nike Hyperdunk+

The Nike Hyperdunk+ basketball shoes use the same tiny sole-mounted sensor found in the Nike+ line of running shoes that communicates wirelessly with your iPhone 4S/5; it measures your prowess on the basketball court.

You can track your steps per second, your vertical leap, or your hustle on the court (shown as a Nike Fuel number), then share your scores on the Nike+ portal or on Facebook.

Jabra Solemate

This hand-size docking station weighs just 21 ounces and measures a hair under 7 inches long but sounds 10 times as big.


There are three front speakers, and a 3.5-mm port for connecting your phone or tablet. You can also stream over Bluetooth 3.0.


The bump in audio quality comes from a technology called Wideband that increases the fidelity for low and high frequencies. The radio lasts for about 8 hours on a charge, doubles as a speakerphone, and comes with a carrying bag.

Withings Wireless Scale WS-30

An improved version of the original Withings scale, the WS-30 can now transmit over Bluetooth directly to your smartphone.

The scale measures weight and body-mass index, and can post the results directly to Twitter and Facebook so your friends can offer support for your weight-losing endeavor.

With Bluetooth, you do not need a Wi-Fi router around. The newer model can also upload to apps like RunKeeper, DailyBurn, and Microsoft HealthVault.


Scosche RHYTHM

The Scosche RHYTHM is an armband sensor that sends your exact pulse rate to your iPhone 4S/5 or Android phone. (Be sure to check if your Android can work with Bluetooth 4.0 first.)

The RHYTHM tracks your distance on a run, maps your route, and tracks calories burned in addition to monitoring your pulse. It keeps a history of each run and a summary of total miles for your workout. The apps are free to download.

8 Bluetooth Devices for Everyday Life

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I received these as a complimentary pair when the Sports pair arrived and didn't work. To note, my wife has another pair of the Sports earbuds and they have been working fine for over 6 months. These Concert earbuds however outshine the Sports line. The bass is very good for a small earbud, as well as the overall sound quality. I have Shure headphones that sound marginally better, but cost 4 times as much as well as Beats by Dr Dre (which stopped working) that didn't sound nearly as good. Great overall value for the quality of product.
By Shane K. Pinkston
Excellent headphones. Customer service was superb when I contacted seller. Great value, with even better sound.
By Jennifer Brooks
Over the top sent me a pair of these to evaluate so I could see the improvements made in the slider volume switch as well as the great sound.I think the improved slider switch will eliminate any problems I experienced with the other units.It is now safely inside the case where it cannot be damaged or knocked off. Sound is very full, much better than the original Samsung earbuds, much louder than the originals... maybe half again as loud with very full sound.I bought a $130 set of B*se earbuds a while back. Sound on them was so low that I couldn't enjoy the music. I quit using them because of the low sound volume. These are actually much better in my opinion.
By Glenn R. Kangiser
I ordered Over The Top Services Sports Earbuds - Model gs27 The Logan Collection 4th Generation Stereo Headset and they didnt work the way I expected so I returned them. Over the top send me a free pair of the Concert earbuds to make it up for my disappointment and to be honest these are great earbuds. The sound is great and oh boy, they are loud. Love them! I would recommend them.
By Josh
These are amazing ear buds, and available at a fraction of what is on the market right now. My husband has a super expensive pair that he uses for running. They were totally over price and boasted noise cancellation, super bass etc. He left them at work the other day and used mine out of desperation. After his run he came home an apologized for not being a believer in my ear buds sooner. These ear buds have incredible sound, are 100% noise cancelling and are not heavy or intrusive. I use them when I am working out and I want to zone out and not be aware of everyone around me. I use them when I am on my lap top working and want to drown out the outside chatter. There are several different sizes of buds that come with the set, and simple directions that explain how to get the best sound quality and fit- all at a very affordable price. I have these with me everywhere I go. Very happy with this order.
By Jamie H
Oh, yes I love them!!!! Now, I can use my I Phone to listen to my fave audible books, music, and not be afraid I would miss my phone calls. When I am feeling the need for the funk, triple funk bass sound, I flip the switch and get deep soul loving vibrations, that have had me dancing through grocery store aisles. A flip back to the vibrant treble makes for crisp audiobook clear sounding narration. As a professional music review critic (LMR Hot Music Reviews), I NEED to hear every instrument, which I am happy to say these earbuds surpass in expectation. Great bang for the buck, with interchangeable bud covers for different sized ears. More dependable and safer than Bluetooth technology because of the phone jack, and mic that allows you to place and receive calls, record messages or work with face time call options. Slips easily into a pouch and into your purse or wallet. Even when jammin' to the music, your teen can't say "I didn't hear your call!" Another GREAT stocking stuffer for the upcoming holidays! This is a must have!
By Lynette M
In all the years I've been buying things online I have never felt the need or the inclination to write a review for products that I have purchased, good or bad. Music is a big part of my life and am critical when it comes to sound. I have been searching for a really good pair of earbuds for years without having to break the bank. I have tried so many different ones $150 or less. I have finally found what I've been looking for. These Concert Earbuds are the best I've heard so far! I am not a paid online critic. Just another customer. Both highs & lows are clean and powerful. And I am saying that without having to break these in. Alot of earbud purchases claim there is a breakin period before they will sound their best. Not these. The earbud cushions may be the most comfy I have tried. In short, I love these earbuds! I challenge anybody to find better earbuds than these at anywhere close to this price! Maybe some over ear headphones may top these, but I don't want over ear headphones. I have not jogged with them in my ears so can't comment on that. Don't think twice ...just buy a pair of these. You won't be disappointed.
By Martin R

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